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Fruit Slice

“He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.”

Matthew 26:52

Or, as it says in my King James Bible, “All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”

Not that this is very relevant to today’s post. It just so happens that my new Android game, Fruit Slice, has a sword in it.

Fruit Slice is basically Fruit Ninja, except free, and therefore attended by various adverts for other games which are not free. However, adverts are at least better than getting the “lite” version of a game for free and finding out that there are other levels, but you have to pay for them. That’s really annoying. Passing a game off as free and then introducing major elements that require money feels like cheating.

Anyway. Back to Fruit Slice. It isn’t exactly the same as Fruit Ninja. The sword is less sensitive, and therefore less precise. There are times when the screen seems to freeze up completely: the fruit still fires, but you can’t move the sword. This is not a very regular occurrence, and you just have to wait until you die, but it’s still annoying. And there are different modes to those found in Ninja, to my mind better ones: Pipeline, which gives you a list of fruit to slice in exactly the right order; Classic, which needs no explaining – just slice the flying fruit and avoid the bombs; Time, which is the same as Classic except timed; and One Shot, where you have to slice specific combinations of fruit with just one stroke. It’s also mildly addictive.

Oh, and apparently bananas are juicy.

So: Fruit Slice. Not Fruit Ninja, but close enough for government work.


Oregon Settler

“When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.”

Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus

Yesterday I downloaded a new game onto my Android phone. It’s called The Oregon Trail – The Oregon Trail - American Settler gameAmerican Settler and is, apparently, a follow up to a game called The Oregon Trail, which I never played.

Anyway. It seemed a particularly apposite game after reading The Long Earth, which I reviewed yesterday, which is partly about resettling and pioneering. And since I’m a sucker for tie-ins…well, here we are.

And I’m addicted to this game.

It’s one of those real-time games where you have to build a town, earn money, farm etc. There are lots of quests to complete, and random events crop up when you have to make a decision – pay money to avoid flood damage, or accept the damage, for instance.

The game works quite well, although there are some annoying points, like when you’re trying to tap something specific, and there are other things in the way that you can’t move…and farm cash.

I hate farm cash, and all similar concepts.

Farm cash is different from farm coins in that you have to pay for it.

With actual money.

My question is: why would anyone want to spend £3 of their hard-earned money on something that isn’t actually real and is of no use whatsoever anywhere except in an online game? The mind boggles. It’s bad enough paying 50p or whatever for a whole game, but stuff in it?

But the really annoying thing about farm cash is that there are things in the game that you can’t get unless you use farm cash, that is, unless you pay for them.

Now, this game is supposed to be free. Free to download, that is. But it’s not actually free, not all of it, and for the best stuff you have to be prepared to pay.

I don’t want to pay. That is the reason why I downloaded a free game. I did not download a free game to pay for things in it. And it is annoying.

So I won’t pay. I’ll just keep playing with the free things, because, as I said before, I am addicted to this game.

But when I have stopped being addicted, which may be quite soon, I shall stop playing and delete the game. So there, Mr Expensive Online Game Designer. You’ll not get anything out of me.