Top Ten Favourite Words

“The difference between a ceiling and a sky was only where you stood.”

Catherynne Valente

I’m very busy today. And I like words.

  1. Transpire. It has a nicely ironic ring to it.
  2. Ptarmigan. I was ridiculously excited when I found out this was an actual thing (it’s a kind of game bird). It sounds like a fictional monster. But a cool one.
  3. Petrichor. Because…er…well, because it was in Doctor Who, actually. Also it is pretty awesome that there’s a word for the smell after rain. Mmm…the smell after rain…
  4. Surreptitious. Lots of whispery consonants. And fun to say. “Surreptitious”. Try it yourself!
  5. Ether. I had difficulty pronouncing this when I was small, but it has such a ghostly sound to it.
  6. Phenomenal. Another word that sounds like its meaning.
  7. Wholly. I used to think it was pronounced “wolly” (’cause that’s what it looks like). It just looks so wonderfully quaint on the page.
  8. Road. Don’t laugh. It has an amazingly round, wide-open sound that speaks of dusty spaces stretching out into the inviting distance…
  9. Cosmonaut. Like an astronaut, but cooler.
  10. Earworm. So you know when you get that song stuck in your head and can’t dislodge it whatever you do? That’s an earworm, according to our friends the Germans.

(The theme for this post was suggested by the Broke and the Bookish’s weekly meme Top Ten Tuesday.)

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