Have I Got News For You: Ep. 7

“The only difference between something being vitally important and not important at all is whether or not you believe it is.”

Hank Green

I’m a little behind on the HIGNFY front: this is apparently not last week’s episode, but the week’s before. Starring Kevin Bridges and Jacob Rees-Mogg, with Jo Brand as guest presenter, it’s another solid offering; Rees-Mogg is actually quite funny, for a politician, in a gently self-deprecating way that shows up the brash affrontedness of the Nigel Farages and Eric Pickleses of the world. Bridges and Brand (that sounds like it should be a comedy double act, like Ant and Dec) are, of course, HIGNFY regulars and generally make the whole thing quite jolly; and the ever-steadfast Paul Merton and Ian Hislop are on top form. Yay HIGNFY!


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