Have I Got News For You: Ep. 6

“Saying you’re cleverer than David Cameron is not setting the bar very high.”

Have I Got News For You

I’m aware that that quote is probably not as funny out of context as it was when I was watching it being said by Andy Hamilton, but then that is the price of watching comedy.

It’s business as usual in HIGNFY-land, after the Slow News Day that was episode 5. David Mitchell hosts, with panellists Andy Hamilton (the small one) and Susan Calman: none of them particularly noteworthy but solid. Sometimes it is OK just to be mildly funny.

The hilarity ranges from unfortunate BBC captions through a magazine about chimney-pots to the usual jokes about Nigel Farage (who appears to be scapegoat of choice this season). Nothing is particularly offensive, there’s lots that’s really quite amusing, and all in all it’s a pleasant way to spend your lunch half-hour (like a lunch hour, but for when you haven’t done enough work to merit the full hour). Now I just have to catch up on this week’s episode.


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