QI: Jobs

“There is more in the world to be found than dreams.”

Noah and the Whale

Where can you find obscure and pointless general knowledge, intelligent jokes and a British personality who is basically the showbiz equivalent of the Omnipresent Neil Gaiman all in the same room? Why, on QI, of course.

For those of you who are not familiar with the geniosity that is QI (or Quite Interesting, for the allergic-to-acronyms), it’s a comedy panel show where the participants score points by guessing obscure answers. Kind of like Pointless with a brain. It’s one of the very few panel shows where the panellists actually know enough things to have interesting discussions about them, and as a result you always learn something. I mean, mostly it’s stuff you will never actually need ever, but still.

This week’s theme is “Jobs” (each series has a letter, and this is series J), but this title should be taken with a pinch of salt since the discussion somehow manages to wend its merry way through such diverse subjects as Star Trek, why butlers are different from valets, and exploding balloons. As per usual, the panel features the Guy Who Knows Everything (Reverend Richard Coles), the Guy Who Hilariously Knows Nothing (Alan Davies), the Cynic In The Corner (David Mitchell – the comedian, not the novelist, obviously) and the Token Woman (Sarah Millican). And its all very jolly and humanist and intelligent and, in fact, perfect post-essay viewing.


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