Masterchef: Ep. 15

“Better never means better for everyone…It always means worse, for some.”

Margaret Atwood

I’m aware I’m not watching these in order (the last one I watched was, I think, episode 12). This is because I’m not actually that interested in the contestants: I just really, really like looking at the food.

In fact, I sometimes feel like my ideal career path would be film crew for Masterchef, just so I could eat the leftovers. Because there must be a huge amount of leftovers, given that any judge, at any one time, has to eat at least four separate courses one after the other, and they would literally explode if they ate everything. Sadly.

Actually, they should pay someone to eat the leftovers. I wonder if they take unsolicited job applications for jobs that don’t exist yet?

Anyway. I digress. Episode 15 is the last of the quarter-finals, apparently, which means that four cooks battle it out in a palate test and an invention test in front of a food critic. This looks very much like episode 12, which was only a semi-final, but then what do I know? There was yummy-looking food and a person making mean remarks and those shots of contestants making funny faces that you always think are staged, and that was all good enough for me.

(Although I have to admit that I’m slightly sceptical of the neatness of the fact that while only one cook got put through to the final here, there are yet ten cooks in total in the final now. Does this mean that they put three cooks through in one of the other quarter-finals? And isn’t it suspiciously convenient that three of the cooks in this one suddenly performed disastrously enough to justify not putting the full quota through, as it were? I always wonder how highly Masterchef is manipulated, as compared to, for instance, The X Factor.)


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