An Either/Or

“I live in two worlds; one is a world of books.”

Gilmore Girls

This has been doing the rounds on Booklikes recently, so I thought I would join in. As you do.

Booklet or Tome? Booklet, mainly because I have that thing where you HAVE to finish a book, however bad it is…so I prefer short reads. Also they often offer a welcome break from long, stodgy course texts (Ulysses, I’m looking at you).

Pre-owned or New? I love the smell of new books. And the fact that they’re all shiny and, well, new. I always shout at my family if they read my new books before me….yes, I am strange.

Historical Fiction or Fantasy? Fantasy. Obviously.

Hardcover or Paperback? Well, hardcovers are more expensive but they’re often prettier…so hardcovers if I can get them, but I don’t mind a paperback.

Funny or Sad? Either, really. Or both, Fault in Our Stars-style.

Do you prefer reading in Summer or Winter? What? There are people who do seasonal reading? I’ll read in any season, at any time. No preference.

Classics or Mainstream? Well, it depends which classics and what mainstream, obviously. Most of the books I read by choice are mainstream, but mainly because they make a change from all the classics I have to read for university.

Guidebook or Fiction? Er…fiction. There’s nothing like a story to make the world disappear for a while.

Crime Novel or Thriller? Can I say neither? I quite like Murder Mysteries, though, mostly Agatha Christies’.

Ebook or Print? PRINT. Always. I’ve managed to resist the Kindle thus far.

Collecting or Clearing Out? Hah. Collecting. I am constitutionally incapable of getting rid of books, even ones I’ll almost certainly never read again.

Internet or Bookstore? I saw a good quote at Waterstones the other day: “It’s much easier to find a book you can’t put down when you can actually pick the books up.” That sums my view up nicely, I think.

Backlist or New Publications? Backlist, because my TBR list is so long that anything new on there quickly becomes old before I get a chance to read it.

Best or Bad Seller? Disturbingly, I do seem to read a lot more well-known stuff than “hidden gems”. I’d like this to change, but the fact is I’m more likely to hear about a good book if it’s been read by a lot of people.

Cookbook or Baking Book? Baking, because cake.


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