Gormenghast: Ep. 2

“Who would dare to rebel? Who would dare?”

Mervyn Peake


Back at the crumbling, immemorial castle of Gormenghast, the dastardly Steerpike’s library-burning plan is bearing fruit: Lord Groan is sent mad by the destruction of his books, and Steerpike’s own “heroic” deeds are rewarded by an apprenticeship of sorts to Barquentine, Master of Ritual. And something is yet rotten in the castle…

The hyperrealistic antics continue in episode 2, and the death toll begins to stack up as Flay and Swelter fight, as the elderly, mad Lord wanders off into the dark, and as Keda leaves the castle. There’s a definite impression of impending disaster, and some heartbreaking scenes between Fuschia and Lord Groan. “I think I would like to know you better,” he says, apparently without realising who he is talking to.

And Steerpike climbs higher, and Titus is Earled, and menace approaches. Roll on episode 3!


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