“That’s the problem with the truth…Liars and honest men both claim to have it.”

Hugh Howey

Dust is the third and last book in Hugh Howey’s Silo trilogy. Following the flashback fun of Shift, it leaps back to what for want of a better word I shall call the “present” – as in, the “present” of Wool, the “present” of Silo Eighteen, in which Juliette has been elected mayor and Lukas has become head of IT. Juliette has cooked up a slightly dubious plan for rescuing Solo and the kids from Seventeen, and there are rumblings beginning in Eighteen over its safety; meanwhile, the bigwigs in One are threatening Eighteen with destruction.

I actually found Dust curiously…unsatisfying as a finale, and I’m not entirely sure why. On a purely plot-driven level, it was fine: major questions are answered, character arcs completed (mostly), conclusions achieved. But it was all rather emotionless. We didn’t see enough, I think, of the secondary characters we’ve come to know and love: Solo took an emotional back seat, we did meet Charlotte and Donald but not substantially, and LUKAS.

What in all the hells happened to Lukas?

Did everyone just forget about him? Did even Juliette forget about a man she claimed to love? What was that?

(I realise this is all very cryptic, but spoilers.)

Neither Shift nor Dust in any way measure up to the awesomeness that was Wool. This is a shame, because the series as a whole could have been important and meaningful in a way that it just isn’t as it stands.


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