The Musketeers: Friends and Enemies

“Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation of the first link on one memorable day.”

Charles Dickens

Well, it’s taken me a while to get around to watching The Musketeers, apparently the BBC’s replacement for Atlantis despite being the wrong length and in the wrong time slot, so much so, in fact, that there are now eight episodes, of which Friends and Enemies is the first.

The Musketeers is, supposedly, an adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ famous (but, I suspect, little-read) novel The Three Musketeers featuring, according to the BBC, some 17th-century French men with guns leaping around in a manner not unreminiscent of the antics of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m not entirely sure what the plot was. It’s possible there wasn’t one. As far as I could make out, there was this one guy who wanted revenge for the murder of his father (his name wasn’t Inigo Montoya, but it may just as well have been), and some other guys who were trying to save a friend from the death sentence, and Peter Capaldi plotting obscure but definitely evil plots. Guns are fired, lovers betrayed, respectable married women run around saving disreputable rogues without their husbands apparently noticing, and a Jolly Good Swashbuckling Time is had by all, even the ones who get killed.

I don’t think I’ll be watching the next one, though. Not bad (compared to Atlantis, anyway), just not worth catching up seven episodes.


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