Outnumbered: Ep. 6

“What this country needs is more intelligent crackheads.”


Well, it looks like this is the last-ever episode of Outnumbered. You could tell from the moment Mr Brockman said of the children “I think they’re all right now”. Because children who are all right are not funny any more.

And, yes, it was a nice last episode, heartwarming and cozy in the best traditions of Last Episodes, complete with a rousing musical number courtesy of Ben’s school play Spartacus. There were smiles all around, and family love, and Karen even said something nice to Ben.

Everything’s all right now in the Brockman household. And I guess it’s a good thing that this is the last episode, because there’s nothing worse than a sitcom that won’t give up. But I think (whisper it low) I might miss them.


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