Death in Paradise: Ep. 4

“That’s the thing about poison, isn’t it? You don’t have to be there when a person takes it.”

Death in Paradise

So today I found myself defending British TV. “It’s so much more realistic than US television,” I said, patriotically, forgetting, apparently, all about shows like Call the Midwife and Death in Paradise.

Today’s offering from Saint-Marie – episode four of Death in Paradise‘s third series – featured an air hostess murdered by an extremely rare Tibetan poison in the Caribbean.

And… that’s how realistic British TV is.

It wasn’t, I suppose, a bad episode. It was reasonably amusing, just about complicated enough to be interesting without taxing the brain too much on a post-essay weeknight, and fairly interesting, although the Let-Me-Tell-You-A-Story-type ending was a tad more melodramatic than it really needed to be. (Bear in mind that I am talking about Death in Paradise, here. Melodrama is practically its lifeblood.)

But…not realistic, though. Not at all. So…I guess British TV can’t really talk, after all. Damn.


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