Inspector George Gently: Blue for Bluebird

“You can’t let things in the past stop you from doing what you love.”

Emma Approved

Back to 1969 today, with the second episode in the current series of Inspector George Gently. A murdered holiday-camp worker is found washed up on a beach, flung from the end of a pier at midnight –

Hang on, isn’t this a Killers song?

I took my baby’s breath beneath the chandelier
Of stars and atmosphere,
And watched her disappear
Into the midnight show.

Anyway. Swiftly the plot thickens, and becomes a jolly little Murder Mystery featuring the stereotypical fat, mustachioed small business owner, some very dodgy hygiene practices (smoking in the kitchen? Really?) and some Personal Problems for Bacchus – the theme this week is “Parents Who Love Their Children Too Much”.

Such fun. There should be more ’60s Murder Mysteries on television. More Killers songs, too.


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