Death in Paradise: Ep. 3

“The corruption of a poet is the generation of a critic.”

John Dryden

Yes, Constant Reader, it is indeed another Murder Mystery night.

This time on Death in Paradise, the island gigolo is murdered ‘orribly and it looks like one of his clients did it. And here begins the usual song and dance, featuring today a Soap Actress with a Really Bad Caribbean Accent, Police Officers for Hire as Security (is this really a thing?) and, sadly, no childhood-game-type analogy from whatshisname, New Klutzy Detective. Disappointing.

It occurred to me today that the fictional island of Saint-Marie on which all of this takes place is sort of like Midsomer off Midsomer Murders. Except even less realistic. Like, are these four the only police officers on the whole island? And if they are, do they never do anything other than solve murders? And if not, why are there so many murders? Why do people keep visiting this island, since it’s apparently Murder City?

There comes a point in every Murder Mystery show when you have to start questioning its credibility. For Death in Paradise, that point was definitely reached in this episode (if not before) when we were told that Saint-Marie is a fifth of the size of Saint-Lucia. Yet it has a murder every frickin’ week. Either everyone hates each other here or someone’s running a serious scam.


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