Death in Paradise: Ep. 2

“What would life be
Without a song or a dance?”


So we’re back in Saint-Marie for yet another old-fashioned, hilarious, tropical murder. This time around, the writers have chosen the old film-set chestnut: a stand-in actress is murdered by puffer-fish poison while filming a zombie movie.

Such fun.

It is, actually. Death in Paradise has returned to its Poirot-y roots, with New Klutzy Detective Humphrey musing upon small details like cups of tea and informing his colleagues of his exact thought processes at any point in the case. He even has an Idiosyncrasy (presumably as a method of distinguishing him from Ben Miller, who, by the way, no-one even mentions despite his recent and traumatic demise): he likens every single case to some childhood game or riddle. This week, it’s Hook-a-Duck, everyone’s favourite rip-off funfair amusement. Apparently, it’s about Probability, which only goes to show how naive New Klutzy Detective Humphrey is.

Anyway, it was quite a good episode, although my opinion may be coloured by the fact that my attention was divided between watching the Death in Paradise team Working Things Out and trying and failing to log into what my university laughably likes to call its wireless internet network. I suspect I might have found it more wearing if I had been paying full attention. As it was, the episode was easy to follow, faintly amusing and nicely distracting. Everything, in fact, that you want from Death in Paradise.


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