Dragons’ Den: Ep. 7

“Faerie cannot be caught in a net of words.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

Because it was on iPlayer, and that’s as good a reason to watch something as “it was on telly”.

Dragons’ Den, it turns out, is good for background watching, over lunch, after finishing a successful piece of work. It’s a comforting wash of idiotic business proposals (a self-filling bath? Really? Aren’t all baths like that?), fake but oddly fitting bits of set, and lines delivered by presenter Evan Davis that sound appropriately wise but on closer inspection turn out to be complete non-sentences.

A List of my Favourite Lines from this week’s episode:

  • From one of the new Dragons: “I go to Ibiza a lot…not to club, obviously.”
  • From presenter Evan Davis: “There are 83 million mobile phones in the UK. This means there is a high risk of phone damage.”
  • Deborah Meaden to prospective entrepreneur: “Who’s the designer?” Entrepreneur, who is clearly lying through his teeth: “Er…”

It’s very like The Apprentice in that it looks all gritty and important but it is in fact complete and utter rubbish designed only for voyeuristic purposes and people who don’t want to think too much. Perfect, then, for a University Student.


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