Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

“Imagination is the golden-eyed monster that never sleeps. It must be fed; it cannot be ignored.”

Patricia A. McKillip

Having watched the entire Star Wars saga over Christmas due to the sad lack of proper telly at the Book Depository, I can categorically say that Revenge of the Sith is the worst Star Wars film.

This is because it is far too long, contains far too many protracted and unlikely lightsaber battles, and features one, utterly spineless female character whose only role is literally to make Anakin turn evil.

I think what happens in the third film (since the second and third seem to blend together somewhat in my mind) is that the Emperor tries to take over the galaxy and kill all of the Jedi.

Now I write it down, that seems like an astonishingly small amount of story for what seems like ten hours of space fights.

It kind of feels like George Lucas wrote down a list of Things that Need to Happen to Make A New Hope Make Sense, and made that list into a film, instead of writing a fairy-tale in space, which is essentially what A New Hope is. Which is all very well, except that it doesn’t work. There are still things that crop up in the last three which don’t make sense. Oh, Leia remembers her mother? Really? Despite the fact that she died basically as soon as the twins were born? And stuff Obi-Wan says in A New Hope makes it sound like Anakin joined the Empire’s forces after the Separatists started making a fuss, and when he was considerably older than nine. What’s the point of making prequels to explain a sci-fi franchise if you can’t even get it right?

Clearly, I’ve thought about this too much.

On a happier if no less geeky note, I’ve just seen these gorgeous new editions of the Discworld novels in Waterstones, and now I wish I could buy the whole series all over again so I could have these ones. Look at Soul Music!


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