The Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day Eighteen

“The human world is made of stories, not people. The people the stories use to tell themselves are not to be blamed.”

David Mitchell

Before I resume normal service, I would just like to express my excitement over the latest Day of the Doctor trailer. Squee!

Day Eighteen: A Book That Disappointed You

Oh, there are many. But the one I shall talk about today is David Mitchell’s Ghostwritten. I absolutely adored Cloud Atlas, and from the blurb Ghostwritten looked like it could be similar (nine different, interlocking narratives, with some mystical mysticism thrown in to spice everything up).

I guess it was similar, superficially. But structurally it wasn’t as visionary or as impressive as Cloud Atlas; the Interlocking Narratives were not actually that interlocking at all; and at the end I was left with a vague impression of “so what?” which is never a good thing to find at the end of a story.

I know that Cloud Atlas would have been a hard act to follow. And I know that Ghostwritten was, after all, Mitchell’s first ever novel, and for him to get something like that completely right the very first time would have been very, very unlikely. But…but. It was disappointing. And that is the truth.


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