The Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day Fifteen

“Adrift upon a sea of time, the lonely god wanders from shore to distant shore, upholding the laws of the stars above.”

Christopher Paolini

…which makes us half-way through the Challenge. And still going strong.

Day Fifteen: Favourite Male Character

I’m assuming this has to be a character in a book. Otherwise I would totally say the Doctor.

Actually, he IS in a book…many books, in fact.

The Doctor is in my opinion one of the most inspired and inspiring characters ever. The man with a thousand faces – the one who loses everything, over and over again, and still gets up in the morning (although see his brief funk at the beginning of The Snowmen last year, why do I know these things again?) – the one who never, ever carries a weapon but who is guilty of a million deaths.

That guy.

Even when he has crap storylines – which has happened an awful lot lately – he is still the Doctor, still one of the most complex and interesting good guys on television and still a brilliant fairy-tale. I can’t describe him any better than Christopher Paolini did in the Quote for the Day, above, and in this one, also from Brisingr:

The trickster, the riddler, he of the many faces who finds life in death and who fears no evil; he who walks through doors.

See? He’s just awesome. He’s like a modern-day myth. And that, it seems to me, is the key to his popularity and his longevity. Behind all the stuff – the dodgy science, the wobbly sets, the internal inconsistencies – he is the Doctor, always and everywhere. There’s no-one like him in all of L-space.


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