New Tricks: The Rock Part 1

“For the rich, few things are as disabling as uncertainty.”

Adam Roberts

The big news in L-space today is, of course, the announcement of the actor who is to play the Twelfth Doctor during some kind of heinous Doctor Who chat show live on BBC1. I may be being grossly unfair here, since I did not actually watch Doctor Who Live, but…oh, I think the name says it all. Anyway, it transpires that Twelve is to be played by Peter Capaldi, as seen in Torchwood, The Thick of It, and, somewhat worryingly, Neverwhere. And, appropriately enough, in Doctor Who itself: he played a Roman in The Fires of Pompeii. He’ll be…different, I think, and “different” is probably a good direction for Doctor Who to take at the moment.

Well, this isn’t a post about Doctor Who, so I’ll stop wittering about that now. Today I want to talk about another Murder Mystery, the first in the last series of New Tricks (sad face). The team goes to sunny Gibraltar in order to investigate the murder of a shipping heir, and Brian goes after a retiring colleague in an attempt at revenge.

Oh good. New Tricks has gone all maudlin. Brian stares into a beer glass, ends up in a police cell, and shouts at Hester all in the first five minutes.

Happily, the humour returns fairly soon, and this episode was actually laugh-out-loud funny, although Jack’s departure does leave a hole that Denis Lawson’s character (whose name is Steve, I think) doesn’t quite fill. And I’m not sure that multiple-part Murder Mysteries ever really work, since it’s a genre that often requires small details and convoluted plots which can often be forgotten over the course of a week. Certainly I hardly remember who actually got murdered last time (on Monday, I think), so I don’t know how I’m supposed to understand the solution. But…it was funny, and those grumpy old coppers were still grumpy, and this is the last series, after all. It seems churlish to complain.

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