The King’s Speech

“We can only do the right as we see the right.”

The King’s Speech

In an effort to avoid yet another Star Trek review, I turned to Film4’s showing of The King’s Speech, which, yes, I had already seen, but, handily, not reviewed. So here we are.

The King’s Speech is about the positively heroic struggle of King George VI against his stammer, with the help of speech therapist and Australian Lionel Logue. It also won four Oscars and was funded partly by the National Lottery.

In short, it’s a Worthy Film, the kind with solemn lighting and historical accuracy and a noticeable lack of explosions.

For all that, though, it’s actually quite funny, partly because of the clash between the laid-back Australian-ness of Logue’s work and the King’s stiff-upper-lip attitude, and partly because…well, because the script is well-written. On King Edward VIII’s proposed marriage to divorcee Wallis Simpson: “Well, that’s not right, Queen Wallis of Baltimore.” On the sanctity of St Edward’s chair in Westminster Abbey: “People have carved their names on it.”

Probably you have to watch the film for it to be funny. But it is. It’s also poignant and inspiring and, generally, A Good Film, and although I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favourites it’s certainly worth watching. And mildly more interesting than Star Trek.


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