The Fall: Ep. 1

“No-one knows what’s going on in someone else’s mind. Life would be intolerable if we did.”

The Fall

It seems like ages since I’ve done a Murder Mystery review. And now I remember why. It’s because most murder mysteries are hackneyed, depressing or just generally annoying. (The honourable exceptions are Lewis and New Tricks. Oh, and Sherlock, of course, although I’m not convinced anyone actually watches Sherlock solely for the mystery.)

Take this one, for example. The Fall is a New Drama from the BBC, set in Belfast, which follows DSI Stella Gibson as she is drafted in from the Metropolitan Police to review a murder that remains unsolved after 28 days. Already this is starting to sound very much like the plot of Broadchurch (which I never did manage to finish; does anyone know what happened in the end?): High-Flying Detective is drafted in to help out the Incompetent Locals. In this case, it seems, the High-Flying Detective does not even need to wear a seatbelt.

The Fall is very much akin to Broadchurch in other ways, in fact. In the first place, the whole series is going to follow the same case, which, given that we know who the murderer is by the half-hour mark of this first episode, seems like a bad idea. And it’s shot in that “realistic” manner that inexplicably cuts scary scenes in with sequences involving other characters doing utterly uninteresting actions like sleeping or eating burgers. Why? I don’t know, and I don’t think I care, either. I’m not going to be watching any more of The Fall.


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