The Apprentice: Beer

“These fragments I have shored against my ruins.”

T. S. Eliot


Continuing the Apprentice Catch-Up, today we have the second episode of series 9, in which the candidates must come up with a new flavour of beer!

Which is clearly just a disaster waiting to happen, especially since Team Endeavour’s PM (Project Manager, not Prime Minister, obviously), whose name I think is Kurt, sent non-beer-drinkers to the factory to, er, make the beer. Other logic fails on the part of Endeavour included trying to sell beer without having any samples (“there’s probably some left in the bottle if you want to sniff it”!) and a really terrible pun, “A Bitter This”, as their beer’s name. Amazingly, however, they somehow managed to win the task, leaving Team Evolve, led by Puppy-Dog Tim, in the lurch.

This is unfortunate, because Puppy-Dog Tim was actually my favourite candidate, seeming relatively normal and, you know, the sort of person you’d actually want to work with. Despite the best efforts of his team-members and himself, however, he was fired. And there was much sadness on Dara O’Brien’s show You’re Fired, which just goes to show that Lord Sugar is not always right.

I’d really like to see Lord Vetinari Jason win now. Just because he’s never had a real job. Oh, and his “effortless superiority”, of course.


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