Star Trek: Into Darkness

“Go then, there are other worlds than these.”

Stephen King

So after the debacle that was The Name of the Doctor (and, on that note, I’m convinced that the entire world saw a different episode from the one I saw, since everyone else seems to think it was fantastic), the University Gang and I went off to see the new Star Trek film, more in the name of procrastination (for me, anyway) than anything else.

I should mention at this point that the only Star Trek I’d seen before this was the prequel and one with whales whose name I don’t remember because I was about ten when the Resident Grammarian made me watch it. So I suppose, technically, that makes me a “non-fan”, although that makes it sound like I didn’t enjoy it, which is not true at all.

I can’t tell you the plot of Into Darkness, because I’m honestly not sure what it was. I know Benedict Cumberbatch was the bad guy, which seems to be all that is important. He blows up something important and the crew of the Enterprise go after him. Cue the usual antics on board: Scotty (Simon Pegg, with a very dodgy Scottish accent) being argumentative, and incidentally quite hilarious, Kirk being generally foolhardy, Spock trying and failing to understand emotion (although there were several “aww” moments for Spock), and Bones coming out with extended and hard-to-follow space metaphors and doing science at inappropriate times. Add to that lots and lots of highly-coloured CGI, many explosions and inspiring shots of the Enterprise rising out of the sea/clouds/insert environment here, several nasty and far-too-loud crunching noises when people get hit in the face and some nice character development and you get what is actually a highly entertaining film which redeemed my faith in sci-fi after the general awfulness of The Name of the Doctor. A success all round, then.


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