The Syndicate: Becky

“From the bottom of the pool, fixed stars
Govern a life.”

Sylvia Plath

I’m not convinced that Becky is the actual name of this episode (on the basis that on iPlayer it only says “episode 4”), but it’s a good way of differentiating them so I’ll go with it. Plus that is what it is called on Wikipedia, and as every good student knows, Wikipedia is always right.

Episode 4, unsurprisingly, follows Becky, the youngest member of the syndicate, as she throws money at things and expects to get her own way. This involves a choice between Luke, the nice guy who gives Becky the winning lottery ticket instead of keeping it for himself, and Matt, a rugby player whose only character trait appears to be “rich”. Clearly, there is a right choice and a wrong choice. But which will Becky take?

This was quite a sweet episode, actually, in which everybody learns a valuable lesson. Amusing touches included the melodramatic rugby manager explaining that “all this will be gone” – not just the team, oh no, but the stands and the cafe and the rest of the rugby empire the club has built up…And Luke, the ever-careful driver, using a hands-free mobile. The object lesson for the day, courtesy of the BBC: don’t talk and drive.

There’s a cliff-hanger for the next episode, too, with Becky’s discovery of her dad tied up in the cellar. All mildly exciting. Although not, of course, as exciting as Doctor Who.


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