Broadchurch: Ep.6

“If we are not a community of neighbours, then we are nothing.”


I’m back on track with Broadchurch after missing episode 5 for the car crash that was last week’s episode of Jonathan Creek. Broadchurch may be slightly less engrossing than watching paint dry, but at least it makes sense.

Well, maybe I’m being slightly harsh. I am mildly interested in finding out who of the many suspicious characters in Broadchurch is the murderer. Is it Paul the alcoholic priest who looks exactly like Rory Williams? (Very suspicious in my book.) Is it Susan the creepy woman who had Danny’s skateboard? Is it Joe the policewoman’s husband? (My money’s on him.)

This week on Broadchurch, Tom was tricked into following Creepy Susan home; (This confused me. Surely a policewoman’s son would know about stranger danger and all that?) Maggie the newspaper editor did some investigating of her own; Alec was generally grumpy. No change there, then.

This was a slow episode, and an uninteresting one. It was momentarily enlivened by Paul’s admission that “I haven’t had a drink for 473 days” – I honestly thought he was going to say “years” then, in a throwback to the plastic-Roman-soldier days.

So, basically, my enjoyment of this episode was generated solely by the fact that one of the actors (well, two, actually) used to be in Doctor Who. Why do I still watch this show?


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