“Food always comes to those who love to cook.”



Ratatouille is a relatively recent (well, 2007) Pixar film about a culinary rat. Yes, you read that right: a rat who wants to be a cook.

Of course, it’s a children’s film. Which doesn’t stop it from being rather delightful, despite all the animated-film cliches: the Bonkers Granny, the bad guy “cured” of his grumpiness by memories of his childhood, and the generally sentimental tone of the whole thing. And the fact that the entire plotline is as transparent as a car windscreen from the word go: initial bright idea that works really well (Remy the rat helps a garbage boy in a famous restaurant become head chef), followed by betrayal, followed by happy resolution. That’s how practically every animal-related children’s film ever made goes. Madagascar. Shark Tale. Aristocats. It’s just so obvious.

Despite all this, Ratatouille won me over about five minutes in when the incredibly sweet rat Remy got left behind by his family in order to save a book. A rat after my own heart, that. The animation is wonderfully realistic, and the food looks delicious – this is not a film to watch when you’re hungry. The highlight of Ratatouille is definitely the visuals, which don’t quite make up for the plot deficiencies, but it’s a close thing. And, come on, a rat who cooks. It’s a brilliant idea.

Ratatouille is a sweet enough story with some lovely animation and cute fluffy animals. I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it again, but if there’s nothing else on, it’s definitely worth a look.


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