Lightfields: Ep.4

“You may escape the law, but there’s judge and jury in your heart.”


Ahem. Another fairly belated post. But then, what else is 1am for?

The fourth instalment in ITV’s ghost-story-drama-thing Lightfields takes another turn for the mysterious as Old Pip (not to be confused with Philip Pirrip of Great Expectations) sees Lucy’s flaming ghost and a note is found scrawled in some spilled flour: “Remember me.” Spooky.

Unfortunately, nothing else really convinced me, despite all those familiar faces in the cast. Lightfields strikes me as basically filler, for all those captive Wednesday-night audiences when NOTHING IS ON those fifty channels everyone has now. It rehashes the same old storylines, the same old plots. For instance, why are ghosts in these things always evil? Why do they always want revenge? Apparently dead people have no imagination.

I can’t even summon up the enthusiasm to dislike this series. Forgettable in the extreme.


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