Lightfields: Ep.3

“Lots of families have lost children in this war. You move on; you don’t dwell on it.”


I’m afraid that Lightfields is another series of which I haven’t seen the beginning, but, like Broadchurch, it isn’t hard to pick up the premise of the plot. It’s a vaguely ghostly drama about a house (unsurprisingly called Lightfields) and the various generations who have lived in it. There’s the ghost of a girl who died in the war appearing at windows and typing at typewriters – but why has she returned now?

If this all sounds vaguely The Secret of Crickley Hall-ish, that’s because it is. Haunted house with a mysterious past: tick. Failing marriage: tick. Ghastly events and superstition: tick. It’s just a lot less scary than Crickley Hall – no doors that open randomly, no things that go bump in the night. Just a voice singing “All Things Bright and Beautiful”, which is not a tune calculated to scare the hell out of you. Sorry, but it’s not.

There’s some fairly colourless acting from a few vaguely familiar faces – Dakota Blue Richards, Kris Marshall (otherwise known as “That Guy from the BT Advert”), Danny Webb. The story has very little about it that’s original; essentially, we’ve seen it all before. And it’s not even scary. It’s not terrible, I’d say, but it’s not brilliant either.


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