Utopia: Ep. 1

“Basically, run.”

Doctor Who

Right. I’ve been meaning to watch Channel 4’s vaguely dystopian series Utopia for a while. Not wanting to give too much away (because, like Stephen King’s The Gunslinger, half the enjoyment comes from not knowing), the plot revolves around a graphic novel entitled The Utopia Experiments that has apparently spawned as many conspiracy theories as the Bible, Kennedy’s assassination and Roswell put together. There’s a sequel to it, out there somewhere, and someone is willing to kill to get their hands on it.

So we start with a bored guy working in IT who gets a weird message from his computer…remind you of anything? Utopia definitely has more than a tinge of The Matrix about it. Anyway, said weird message brings together a motley cast of characters who are forced on to the run without really knowing what they’re running from.

There’s some really nasty violence in there involving eyes and spoons (thank goodness you can take headphones out of your ears) but in terms of plot and character it’s brilliant. I will be watching again. (Except for the gory bits.)


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