Death in Paradise: Ep. 5

“There’s not much in this world of ours more precious than time.”

Kenny White

In this episode of Death in Paradise, a friend of Camille is murdered aboard a “party boat”, prompting some awkward moments as Inspector Poole tries to comfort her.

I’m really tired of all this will-they won’t-they to-ing and fro-ing. If they’re going to go out together (which they obviously are, at some point) can’ t they just get on with it?

This episode is primarily notable for the red herrings, which abound. An orchid petal here, some rosehip fibres there…It’s actually fairly effective, because some things that look like red herrings actually aren’t, and vice versa. This is classic murder mystery: five people in a room somewhere, tangible and telling Clues, and obviously unrealistic, so it becomes a sort of intellectual exercise rather than a coherent drama. Therefore, it doesn’t matter that the computer makes that annoying downloading noise that always happens on screen but never in real life, and that someone in the Saint-Marie pathology department (who we never actually see, now I come to think of it) can’t spell “specimen”, because credibility is not important here.

Of course, this may all be so much rubbish. But it’s also the only reason why I continue to watch Death in Paradise when the characters are wooden, the comedy mediocre at best and the plots generally clumsy. I like solving puzzles, and Death in Paradise provides some fairly straightforward ones.


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