Ripper Street: I Need Light

“I would have obsession blinker us to the wider world no longer.”

Ripper Street

Well. As the title suggests, this is cheery watching for a Tuesday evening. There are ‘orrible murders, blood, rape, explosions and other not-very-nice things.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t following very closely – I was in fact in the throes of a very interesting Facebook conversation with Teenage Sister about Les Miserables and the law. But, as far as I could gather, Ripper Street is about some Victorian detectives doing what detectives do best – detecting. Possibly there will be a Jack the Ripper theme. It’s too early to tell, this being the first episode. (iPlayer is great for catching up with series, isn’t it?)

Primarily, this reminded me of the Hollywood Sherlock Holmes film with Robert Downey Jr., except with more blood. You know the sort of thing – utterly gratuitous violence (at one point one of the detectives slams a journalist against different parts of the same wall for no discernible reason), unreasonable amounts of pyrotechnics, messages written in blood. We’ve seen it all. And the plot is hardly complex – as I said, I wasn’t really watching properly but I still got the main gist of it.

Ripper Street is certainly not for the faint-hearted. And it’s not even that interesting. So that’s one fewer series catch-up I need to do.


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