Death in Paradise: Ep. 3

“Think’st thou that duty should have dread to speak
When power to flattery bows?”

William Shakespeare

It’s slow news day in Paradise. Inspector Poole is doing the crossword (“it’s not exactly The Times“, though). The sun is shining brightly. Then a body is discovered in the swimming pool of a plastic surgery clinic.

Cue cheery title music.

Thus begins the third episode of Death in Paradise. As usual, the Caribbean setting looks, well, paradisical, the high-and-mighty attempt to interfere with the Workings of Justice (never a good idea in murder-mystery land), the clues are Agatha Christie-style (a chipped ceramic pot, a half-drunk cup of tea), and the atmosphere is generally cheerful and laid-back. Because, you know, a murder is nothing to get angry about. Oh, and Inspector Poole is still doing that annoying “Let Me Tell You A Story” thing at the end where he rehashes absolutely everything that’s happened in the episode in order to reveal the murderer right at the end, when everyone else has gone to sleep out of boredom. Who was the murderer, anyway?

At least this episode was better than last week’s offering, which was staffed by colourless characters and tedious plot development. This one was definitely improved by the Commissioner’s Time Team-style ultimatum – “You’ve got a day to do it” which sped the team up admirably and made the whole business a lot more interesting.

An entertaining way to pass an hour, then. But it’s no Sherlock, that’s for sure.


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