Lewis: Down Among the Fearful Pt. 2

“When Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”

Percy Shelley

The main impression I got from the second half of this story was one of confusion. “Who’s he?” “What’s just happened?” “Why is that significant?” That is what happens when you split a murder mystery into two. IT DOESN’T WORK.

So, what happened? Well, once again the team went flying around Oxford looking for the murderer. And, of course, they eventually found what they were looking for in the most unexpected of places.

It was quite a good episode, in many ways. Certainly more satisfactory than Death in Paradise, anyway, although there were a few loose ends left untied (what happened to the drugs that went missing from the stables, for instance?). Sergeant Hathaway moped, which was boring and annoying. I sense a departure coming, which is not a good thing, because Laurence Fox is basically the main reason I watch Lewis. (Well, that and the plot complexity.)

And for some reason one of the suspects appeared to be dressed as Leonard Hofsteder off The Big Bang Theory, which was unfortunate, because it elicited a sort of Pavlovian response of laughter. “I went to the psychic…” “Hahahahaha…oh wait, it’s Lewis I’m watching.”

A decent episode, then, although not improved by being split in two or by Hathaway’s moping. Still looking for something that can replace Les Miserables. Might be a while.


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