Death in Paradise: Ep. 2

“Please don’t tell me I can’t make it;/It ain’t gonna do me any good.”

Brandon Flowers

In this new, exciting episode of Death in Paradise, a nun in the Caribbean gets murdered and Englishman Inspector Poole is, of course, On the Case.

It was a bit tedious, to be honest. Oh, there were funny bits, there always are, but, I don’t know, it was just so…cliched. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been watching Les Miserables and Sherlock recently, which are both very, very good, and now I’m just depressed with the general quality of television. Or maybe Death in Paradise just isn’t that good.

Case in point: Dwight took one of the nun’s thumbprint and then she went away. Just the thumbprint? How useful is that? You can’t eliminate someone from your enquiries on the basis of a thumbprint.

Another case in point: the holy spring that was, allegedly, a tourist attraction was also empty of people. Did the BBC not have enough money to hire any extras? Where is all that licence money going?

But the worst bit was the Great Explanation at the end, where all the suspects got called together for the Big Reveal. Why? Does that ever happen in real life? Answer: No. It’s a cliche of the detective genre, and rehashing things we already know is just boring. We are cleverer than this. We don’t need Ben Miller to tell us the story from the beginning to understand the end. Please, BBC Scriptwriter, go look at Sherlock. Or even Lewis. And take a leaf out of their book.


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