Spies of Warsaw: Part 1

“Wherever God has planted you, you must learn how to flower.”

Spies of Warsaw

Hot on the heels of BBC1’s spy thriller Restless comes BBC4’s spy drama Spies in Warsaw, set in the same era, on the brink of the Second World War…except this time around the main character (played by ex-Time Lord David Tennant) is a French secret agent in Warsaw.

I have no idea why this was on BBC4. Possibly the lack of blood and gore was a factor in that decision. Which is not to say it wasn’t interesting, because it was. There was the usual forbidden-love story, of course, the usual menacing figures in the background, the usual high stakes (“we’re fighting for our countries, here, people!”). I suppose, in many ways, it was a typical spy drama, except it focused on the Continent rather than Britain, which was refreshing, because I think we often forget that it wasn’t just Britain who felt threatened by Hitler.

One very annoying detail was the way everyone pronounced the word “colonel” as “col-on-el” rather than “kernel”. Yes, I understand it’s meant to represent how the French would say it, but they are speaking in English, not French, and it just sounds silly.

And putting Tennant in a pinstripe suit? Really? He doesn’t have to be the Doctor everywhere, you know.


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