50 Greatest TV Magic Tricks

“Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke

Tonight’s post is more a shout-out to the general amazingness of magic than an actual review, because there’s not really anything you can say about these list programmes that hasn’t been said before. Interminable adverts, unexplained ranking critieria, annoying talking heads (this one had a GP, for heavens’ sake) – that says it all, really.

So, here it is: Magic Is Amazing.

The best thing about magicians is that you know it’s not really magic, that there’s an illusion or a trick to it, which makes it all the more amazing: “How did he DO that? How is that even humanly possible? How?” And then you while away a happy evening trying to work out how Dynamo managed to walk on water or how Penn and Teller caught those bullets. “Well, if he did this, then this would work, and the audience was distracted by that funny story about the mouse…”

See? It’s fun.

Sorry for the slightly inconsequential post tonight, but there really hasn’t been anything interesting to write about. Hopefully tomorrow will bring better news.


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