Merlin: The Drawing of the Dark

“Thus spake Merlin, who was a true prophet.”


A very dramatic title for this episode, which is the third-to-last, I think. And the series finale is beginning. The seeds are being sown for the Big Reveal. It’s all kicking off in the state of Albion.

Mordred’s girlfriend, a fellow druid, is captured by Arthur and his knights for killing some soldiers, for which the punishment is death. And thus we have the common theme of the Death Sentence Dilemma. Where do Merlin’s loyalties lie, to Arthur or to the people of the old religion? What will Mordred do if Arthur insists on carrying out the sentence? Is the prophecy about Mordred about to come true?

Well, of course it is, we knew that already, because it provides the necessary impetus for the series finale, and where else is that going to come from this late in the game? In terms of plot and suspense, only one thing can happen.

And that raises another question. With only two episodes left to go of the show, ever, how is there going to be enough time to do the Big Reveal and allow a reconciliation that will build the Albion of the stories? I mean, Arthur isn’t just going to turn around and say, “Oh, you’re a wizard and you never told me? Well, that’s all right then,” is he?


With only 80 minutes left to fulfil the prophecies…well, God help Albion. Again.


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