Soul Music: Ep.2

“Cliff? I can’t see anyone lasting long in [the music] business with a name like Cliff.”

Soul Music

Yes, Constant Reader, the television has once again failed me so I am writing about the cartoon adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Soul Music which is also, incidentally, nigh-on impossible to find.

Well, I could have just copied and pasted a review from Goodreads. But that would have been boring so I didn’t.

Anyway. Soul Music. In the second episode: Imp y Celyn plays his first gig in Ankh-Morpork, and Susan, granddaughter of Death (it’s a long story) takes over his job.

This isn’t as good as some of the other episodes. The voices are generally good (just how I imagined Death!) and the raven’s burp sounds suspiciously like Barney’s from The Simpsons. However, some of the details of the animation just don’t ring true, like the fact that THERE ARE ONLY FIVE WIZARDS and THEY BEHAVE LIKE SCHOOLCHILDREN. The wizards of Unseen University are what lets the whole series down.

But the songs are nice, and Ankh-Morpork is perfectly imagined, and that’s enough for me. Despite its drawbacks, Soul Music continues as a series that will delight current fans and possibly even win new ones.


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